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The Most Hated Podcasts on the Internet Today!
Category: Comedy
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September 21, 2016 10:11 PM PDT

Tonight on Asked: Last week EdWood said he had never listened to a Nickelback song in his life. Tonight, Riv and the Crust rectify this - will EdWood ever speak to Riv again? How will his life change after hearing Nickelback for the first time? It's like a snuff video only in podcast form and you'll hear it right here on this show.

Also we'll discuss New York's latest bomber, more Samsung Note 7 drama - Riv and Crust have hands on reports, the election heats up, the invention of the "smart candle," Anthony Weiner in yet ANOTHER sexting scandal, The She-Hulk drops the She- ... now what? A man invites 15 tinder dates over at the same time, a Trump supporter hits a sucker punch from hell on a woman, and a Hillary Supporter hits a sucker punch from hell on a Pokemon Go streamer (and steals his phone). Blizzard drops Battle.net, Metzen drops Blizzard, Brangelina and a whole lot more!!!!

September 14, 2016 09:33 PM PDT

Tonight on Asked: CM Punk gets his ass kicked in UFC, HARAMBE LIVES! Are our dicks out? We'll also discuss Weekend At Hillary's (she's fine, no really, she is), the teacher who was told she's too sexy for school, the amazing Heroin Boy and his awful parents, a man who went on a search for his missing wife only to end up humiliated, the app that forces Nickelback on you if you try to call your ex, a man who would rather go to jail than be with his wife, the controversial 9/11 commercial that was so bad it made a business go OUT of business, a lesbian dating app with over 300 gender options, and North Korea BANS sarcasm! All this and who knows what else!!!

September 07, 2016 09:33 PM PDT

Asked with a temporary new timeslot for the new South Park season but we’ve got a lot to discuss on tonight’s show! With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, why has Riv refused when he can blow up at any minute? Trump gets a boost in the presidential polls, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins gets caught with his pants down (again), and Mia Khalifa is in the news for shaming a football player – why is the media kissing her ass for it? Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston call it quits, creepy clowns are on the rise in North Carolina, more bashing of the body positive movement as it continues to grow (quite literally because fat people don’t stop eating). We’ll also talk about the most offensive DragonCon cosplay of the year, Lena Dunham claiming it’s misogyny to NOT be attracted to her ugly ass, YouTube’s new anti-free speech policies, and its World of Warcraft Expansion Week 2… can Riv and EdWood pull away from the game in time? Or has Crust finally been drawn in as well?

Listen to Asked and get all the answers by adding "aninternetgod" via Skype or by dialing our live line, 646-583-0469! Talk to us live and enjoy the weekly highlight of your Wednesday nights!

August 31, 2016 09:40 PM PDT

With World of Warcraft having the smoothest expansion launch in the game's history why aren't EdWood and Riv getting to enjoy it? We'll talk about why these two have the blues. Oh well, at least The Crust is happy - maybe. We weren't prepared for Legion but were we prepared for all the crazy news this week? National Anthem Controversy, Sonic Adventure, No Man's Sky gets even more bad news and bad press, the petition against Roman Reigns? Ebola lives on in semen, whiny people whining about being misgendered, Facebook biases, hot chicks who sell cocaine, naked men randomly photobombing senior photos, Dead or Alive is in trouble with the SJWs again, twinks for Trump, Operation Taco Bowl, more Anthony Weiner, clowns, Mariah Carey's sister blowing people, the world's oldest man, lizard people, and the world's WORST Suicide Squad knock off? All this and more on Asked tonight on ListenToThisShow.com! Be there!!!

August 24, 2016 09:50 PM PDT

The world goes mad, the podcast goes madder - we will discuss the nude celebrity hack of Saturday Night Star Leslie Jones, and her explicit photos. Cincinnati Zoo is tired of everyone getting their dicks out for Harambe - we will have the story. Was Summerslam weekend GLORIOUS? We'll discuss WWE's The Miz snapping on Daniel Bryan. Script or serious? Zendaya is cast as Mary Jane in the new Spider-Man reboot but is "blackwashing" in Hollywood getting a bit ridiculous? WHAT ABOUT THE GINGERS? The fashion police get called on Pokemon Go, the New York City Masturbator who went viral several weeks ago gets busted, a mother of children gets angry about "Dog Moms" and "Cat Moms," nude women are swinging on air conditioners, feminists get mad over the videogame title "No Man's Sky," politics, perversion, Tinder dates lead to murder and a whole lot more on the show where you better not DARE BE SOUR - even though Riv is sour all the fucking time!

Listen to Asked and get all the answers by adding "aninternetgod" via Skype or by dialing our live line, 646-583-0469! Talk to us live and enjoy the weekly highlight of your Wednesday nights!

August 17, 2016 09:31 PM PDT

We'll discuss a little wrestling as WWE Superstars Alberto Del Rio & Paige find themselves suspended for a wellness violation. Also on the show tonight - Pokemon Go related crimes are on the rise! Milwaukee goes apeshit! Oops - did we go there? Olympic athletes have sex! Oh no!!! 50 Shades of Rape Testimony? A man tries to have sexual intercourse with a vehicle, another man marries his favorite videogame character, a woman bans children from her wedding because let's face it... Brock Lesnar doesn't give a shit about your kids. Also we'll discuss the robots that are ready to wipe humanity off the map, Anthony Weiner's weiner is back, Florida face eating, New York subway masturbators, Shaun White's fecal matter obsession and the RISE OF HARAMBE. All this and a whole lot more on the weirdest (and possibly only) Wednesday night podcast there is!

August 10, 2016 09:44 PM PDT

Things are sure to get heated on tonight's show after Donald Trump implied Hillary Clinton should be shot. What's Riv's take on it? Whatever it is, Wood and Crust are probably not going to agree - and can Riv and Crust agree on the final verdict about whether or not Suicide Squad was a good movie after getting free tickets from T-Mobile last week? And what about the fat girl that's already crying foul over Harley Quinn? What's Riv got against Halloween? World of Warcraft: Legion is pretty much here, and Riv and Edwood will give first impressions on the new content for pre-orderers. Is the Ghostbusters franchise plan officially dead? Or will Sony still find a way to force one down our throats? We'll also have the Man who beat a Flamingo to death - you'll never guess WHERE it happened! (Spoiler alert: It's totally Florida). All this, and some goat sex too!

August 03, 2016 09:36 PM PDT

Riv and Crust get free tickets to see Suicide Squad this weekend from T-Mobile but the preliminary reviews are bad. What do we expect from this film? EdWood gets banned from Facebook - AGAIN! We'll find out what he did THIS time to raise the ire of the social networking website. We'll talk about the Game Developer that went from making Ghostbusters games to becoming a ghost themselves! More Pokemon Go related madness will be talked about! Road rage, fighting off machetes with ghosts, sloppy mango peeling, pussy syringes, and a Canadian restaurant that wants to serve food shaped like shit! All this and a whole lot more on the most awkward podcast of all time.

July 27, 2016 09:40 PM PDT

With Crust out this week, it's up to Riv and EdWood to talk about all the wacky antics of the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention, which means EdWood is probably going to talk and Riv is going to nod his head since he went to go play Pokemon Go like a manchild instead of watch that shit. Too bad all the good Pokestops in offensive places are getting removed, eh? We're also going to discuss a teacher that blames "the system" for her banging students, twins who won't stop eating - mental condition, or just fat cunts? That cunt in all those horrible Guardian headline memes leaves Twitter, and Twitter comes under fire as Milo strikes back! All this and a woman who claims a toy sexually assaulted her! Yeah, it gets weird on this show!

Listen to Asked and get all the answers by adding "aninternetgod" via Skype or by dialing our live line, 646-583-0469! Talk to us live and enjoy the weekly highlight of your Wednesday nights!

July 20, 2016 09:24 PM PDT

The Pokemon Matrix has Riv - how will that effect the show? Also, what of Pokemon Go rising to new heights in other countries, crashing servers and getting a live action film? Speaking of live action films what is the aftermath of Ghostbusters getting released in theaters? We'll talk about Leslie Jones' epic meltdown on Twitter, and the tweets that got Brietbart's Milo permanently suspended on the app. We will have more crazy teachers who bang their students, more nasty Florida Man stories, the woman who is creepily breast feeding her 5 year old child, Donald Trump's walk of fame star in Hollywood builds a wall, and who the hell is the Portland Dong Dangler? All this and some Wal-Mart semen throwing too!

Listen to Asked and get all the answers by adding "aninternetgod" via Skype or by dialing our live line, 646-583-0469! Talk to us live and enjoy the weekly highlight of your Wednesday nights!

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